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African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to create lasting change in Africa. It does this by making investments that treat the causes of under-development in Africa. ALA believes an undersupply of leadership across all sectors is the root cause of many of Africa’s problems. It recognises that Africa needs strong leaders throughout society, in the spheres of politics, business, healthcare, education, the environment and beyond to create positive change and generate growth and prosperity. As such, they identify young leaders with potential and offer them unparalleled educational and leadership support.

Our funding has helped the African Leadership Academy to: Support four scholars each year, eight in total.

In 2015, we have committed a further $300,000 to ALA to support an additional six students through their two year studies at ALA. The current cohort of four Actis Scholars are in the second year of their studies and will continue on to university next year.

We are currently supporting the following people: David Paul Wanjala, from Kenya: Since joining ALA David has become tennis captain, completed a summer internship at Colegate in Nairobi and now aspires to become a top industrial and product designer.

Aya El-Saka, from Egypt: Aya had the opportunity to join the Global Scholars Programme at Yale last summer and participated in the ALA Model Africa Union conference.

Bataung Mohapi, from Lesotho: Bataung co-founded the ALA Science and Tech Club, interned at Coco-Cola and hosted the Ideas Festival last summer.

Soala Ekine, from Nigeria: Soala is Director of the drama club and a participant in the Yale Global Scholars Programme.

We are currently selecting the next cohort of Actis scholars. ALA has received 18,610 applications since 2008, with a 3% admission rate. The academy has 637 young leaders in its network, representing 44 African countries. 92% of these students receive financial assistance.

ALA has shown outstanding impact and success. Its students are placed into leading global universities such as Harvard, Oxford and the University of Cape Town and so far, they have collectively earned over $35m in scholarship awards. The students are making an impact in Africa – they have launched 44 non-profit and for-profit ventures since inception. The World Economic Forum has recognized five ALA young entrepreneurs for the innovative organisations they have launched in their home countries in Africa.

Actis colleagues have also: Supported students on campus and participated in the guest speaker series. We organised group sessions for the Actis scholars and maintain an ongoing relationship with these talented future leaders.

Actis have supported the ALA management team on topics such as governance, fundraising and the leadership transition process.

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