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CORO is an Indian charity that takes a community-based approach​​ to facilitating change from within India's most marginalised and oppressed. Coro focuses particularly on women; women’s economic empowerment; tackling domestic violence; providing education and providing toilet facilities for females. Actis’ India office is currently supporting the charity to help deliver essential items to daily labourers and migrant workers impacted most by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

India has been under partial lockdown since 15 March and complete lockdown since 25 March. The majority of the workforce in India is in the unorganised segment and are daily wage earners such as rickshaw drivers, mall workers, maids and janitors. A lockdown implies a loss of earnings and impacts their ability to procure even the bare essential food items. CORO has stepped in to procure a basket of essential food items, masks and sanitisers that can support a family for a week, for a cost of INR 1k (US$ 14). They are currently exploring crowdfunding options with an initial goal of raising INR 3m.

CORO has a strong network in the local communities that can identify families in real need and deliver goods. The government is also keen to extend all support to such NGOs who can support the daily wage earners.


CORO is not linked to Actis Acts, Actis’ India office supports the charity independently.  
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