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Endeavor catalyses growth by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Endeavor links small and mid-size businesses with seasoned entrepreneurs to provide the entrepreneurs with advice and support needed to accelerate their growth. These entrepreneurs employ thousands of people, generate millions in wages and revenues and inspire others as leading role models.

Endeavor has selected over 1,000 high-impact entrepreneurs and created over 400,000 jobs. Almost 3,000 business leaders mentor Endeavor entrepreneurs.

Our funding helps Endeavor to: Support the Endeavor Insight research unit which produces and shares reports and studies that create a deeper understanding of high-impact entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Our commitment of $100,000 for 2015 will also supports the Endeavor Investor Network and will give Actis allows access to Endeavor entrepreneurs.

Actis colleagues have also: Supported Endeavor South Africa, mentored entrepreneurs and participated in global events. As a member of the Endeavor Investor Network our colleagues have access to Endeavor highgrowth, high-impact entrepreneurs and are able to join global events such as selection panels.

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