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Leader’s Quest Foundation

The Leaders’ Quest Foundation is a social enterprise that grows the capacity of grassroots leaders to drive sustainable social change. Through individual and collective efforts, the fellows lead significant change in their communities and at policy level. They work with communities to tackle the root causes of social inequality and spearhead initiatives that generate livelihoods, provide access to education and sanitation, and reduce violence and gender discrimination.

Our funding of $100,000 will help Leader’s Quest to: Support the Quest Advanced Fellows programme for 2015. This will support a select group of fellows that have demonstrated they can take their work to scale at regional or national level. The enhanced fellowship aims to provide them with the support to affect structural and policy change.

Our funding will also support the launch of the Quest Fellowship programme in Rajistan, providing support to 15 grassroots leaders across 7-8 local organization in Alwar Provice. This is part of the long-term strategy to reach 1000 individuals and change the lives of 2m+ people through the fellows over three years. The Quest Fellows will tackle complex challenges such as sanitation, girls’ education, forest rights and corruption and domestic violence. They will receive 4 weeks of residential training, monthly mentorship and access to peer networking to create projects that directly address a pressing community need.

Since 2007, the fellows programme has trained and developed 775 Grassroots leaders (70% women), 250 organisations, 200 mentors and reached 1.5m people.

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