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NESsT is a catalyst for social enterprises in emerging markets. It provides financial capital, training and mentoring and access to markets for a high-impact portfolio of social enterprises. Despite growth, marginalized communities in Brazil are deprived of economic opportunity, fair and stable income and access to basic services. Social Enterprises install capacities that help communities to overcome these barriers in the long-term. NESsT has been working in Brazil since 2007.

Our funding will help NESsT Brazil to: Grow their portfolio of entrepreneurs and provide them with incubation support. The donation of $100,000 will also enable NESsT to develop their communications strategy and team and cultivate new donor relationships.

Our support has enabled NESsT Brazil to: Reach more than 18,250 low-income individuals through its social enterprise incubation support and created or filled 1,250 jobs.

In 2013 and 2014 NESsT supported 30 social enterprises with business planning skills.

NESsT’s portfolio consists of 9 social enterprises that are receiving investments and business advice.

Actis colleagues in Brazil have also: Participated on the business advisory council for NESsT, evaluated the feasibility studies of businesses, offered strategic advice and support, provided fundraising support and participated in NESsT organized events and conferences.

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