Case Studies

Portfolio Company Engagement

In addition to our philanthropic donations, Actis Acts works with a number of portfolio companies on their social impact and CSR strategies.

We are supporting social programmes of selected portfolio companies, for example: We recently completed a study with Eneo and the World Bank (MIGA) to analyse the social and community health impacts associated with hydroelectric infrastructure in Cameroon. The report suggests a number of initiatives that could help mitigate the risk and Actis Acts has set aside up to $25,000 for these water and sanitation projects.

Actis Acts has also set aside up to $25,000 to support the CNA Foundation in Brazil. The foundation provides high-quality early childhood education in one of the poorest regions of the city of Sao Paulo. The foundation also offers healthcare and food assistance to those in need and offers training for the mothers to enable them to enter the job market.

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