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Teach for All

Teach For All is working to address the fact that disadvantaged youth do not have access to quality education. They aspire to the vision that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. They are a network of more than 30 organizations that seek to shape a generation of leaders who will work inside and outside of education to ensure that all children can fulfill their potential. Each national program recruits and develops outstanding recent graduates and professionals to commit two years to teach in their countries’ underserved schools and to work throughout their lives to increase opportunity for youth. Program teachers support disadvantaged students to rise above the challenges they face, and, as program alumni, they go on to become career teachers, school and district leaders, policymakers, social entrepreneurs, and business and civic leaders who effect systemic change.

Teach For All would like to grow their network partnerships particularly in high need areas in Africa and the Middle East. Since the network’s founding in September 2007, Teach For All has partnered with local social entrepreneurs to launch programs in more than 30 countries. Today, network partners are fielding 16,000 teachers (selected from nearly 100,000 applicants) who have reached over 1.1 million children.

Out of 43,000 network alumni, approximately 50% to 60% continue in careers in education, working over the long term to effect systemic change that will expand educational opportunity for all children.

Our one-off commitment of $150,000 to Teach For All will: Help catalyse the networks growth and impact. Support the development of the global programme with specific allocations to focus on global expansion in India and Africa. Teach For All have already begun to leverage the expertise and network of Actis staff on the ground in Africa and India.

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