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UnLtd India

UnLtd India is an incubator for social entrepreneurs. It works with early-stage social entrepreneurs to help them develop as leaders, accelerate their impact and prepare their organisations for scaling and further investment.

Our funding helps UnLtd India to: Run the incubator programme that offers seed funding and support to social entrepreneurs. We have supported this programme for the past four years and last year we supported 30 Level 1 Investees. Our financial support of $100,000 will also enable UnLtd India to roll out its programmes beyond the Mumbai region to Delhi, Odisha and Kerala.

An example of our impact is Brijesh Arya-Pehchan who has set up a social enterprise to create livelihood opportunities for the homeless in Mumbai. They invest in educating the homeless to produce goods such as paper bags and they help create the market of buyers for the products. About 200 women and youth have already benefited from the programme with an average increase in income of 40%.

Actis colleagues in India have also: Held workshops and participated in panel discussions for the social entrepreneurs, participated as judges in enterprise competitions, hosted expert panel sessions quarterly and participated in board meetings in London.

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